Do people who have more sex live longer?

Frequent sex helps promote longevity due to various reasons. The reasons include that sex is an exercise which is necessary for good health. The other reasons are that having sex works for stress-management and frequent sex gets to improve the immune system.


Quality of life

Interaction is essential for longevity. Though there are people who live for a long time, it is the quality of life that makes the difference. Those who do throughout enjoy their golden years, whether we talk about a couple or not, include having sex in their formula. Being healthy is one of the factors for longevity and overall wellness is necessary to be able to perform while sex dating.

Older men

Men can sow their wild oats even when they are way past retirement age. These men seem to be younger and act livelier than those who season have sex.  They are healthier as they get sexcersise often. The interaction helps them to keep both mentally and physically fit.

Sexual frequency survey

For a longer life, most of us know that we should do things such as exercise daily, have a healthy diet, get enough sleep. Recent research studies have added having sex regularly to the list of things we can do for longevity. There was this survey about how the frequency of having sex made men live longer. There were 918 male respondents aged 45 – 59 who lived in Caerphilly, Wales who reported how often they had sex. After a decade, the researchers came back to the respondents, to record their health conditions.

Survey results

Out of the 918 men who joined the survey, 150 of them had died, of which 67 had a heart attack while 83 passed away due to other causes. After the correlation of the sexual frequency report from the original survey to the death rate a decade later, it showed that when compared with the males who got sex one time in a month, only half of the men who reported to have sex 2 times a week passed away. When the researches assess the results for all the respondents, the result showed that as the man’s frequency of having sex increased, it decreased the risk of his death.

Before 50

When we think of aging, we typically expect that older people will not have a good sex life. Men have certain health concerns that may occur when they get older, such as prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. Older women might suffer from vaginal dryness. If the survey results are studied, it provides a guideline for men to have sex at least two times a week before hitting 50.

Find a sex date

Though for many who are in a relationship, it would not be difficult to get laid often. But, those who are single might need to find a sex mate so that they can make out more frequently to promote longevity. Making out more often is a nice way to become healthier and live longer- but if there is no one to make love to, there is a solution. For those who want to have sex more often, they can download apps for adult dating to find someone to meet up with for a hookup.